The guitar industry’s only comprehensive publication on guitar amplifier information and values has been dramatically improved! The new 5th Edition Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers  is the only publication solely dedicated to current guitar and bass amplifier information and up-to-date values. At 840 pages, it is the largest book ever published on guitar amplifiers with nearly 500 individual manufacturers, trademarks, and boutique builders identified. Written by Ryan Triggs, the 5th Edition Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers keeps the reader up-to-date on modern and vintage pricing, technical information on guitar amps, and serialization on several major trademarks.


-Over 5,850 new and vintage individual models are identified in detail with current new or used market retail values, and many are included.

-18,000+ values are included and many have been updated to reflect the current state of the vintage guitar amp marketplace taking into consideration that large heavy amplifiers are not as popular as they used to be, and values are down.

-Nearly 2,000 B&W images are included in this newest edition with 3,650 available online in high res color.

-A thorough Anatomy depicting all the individual components of an amplifier is included plus an extensive Glossary that explains amplifier terminology and definitions.

-The Trademark Index is incorporated directly into the text with contact information for nearly all current trademarks/builders.

Once again, all the current/recent boutique amp builders are listed, and many have individual model listings.


Most of the information contained in the 5th Edition Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers is simply not available in any other single publication for any price – period. No other guitar amp reference and value guide even comes close.

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