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Instruments currently produced in Burbank, CA since the late 1980s and the Diamond Series in South Korea since 1998 and Indonesia since 2014. Previously produced in Van Nuys, CA between 1979 and 1983 and in Dallas, TX between 1983 and the late 1980s. Schecter opened a repair shop and began offering high quality replacement parts for guitars in 1976.
The Schecter company, named after David Schecter, began as a repair/modification shop that also did some customizing. Schecter began making high quality replacement parts (such as Solid Brass Hardware, Bridges, Tuners, and the MonsterTone and SuperRock II pickups) and build-your-own instrument kits. This led to the company offering of quality replacement necks and bodies, and eventually to their own line of finished instruments. Schecter is recognized as one of the first companies to market tapped pickup assemblies (coil tapping can offer a wider range of sound from an existing pickup configuration). Other designers associated with Schecter were Dan Armstrong and Tom Anderson.
In 1994, Michael Ciravolo took over as the new director for Schecter Guitar Research. Ciravolo introduced new guitar designs the same year, and continues to expand the Schecter line with new innovations and designs.
In 1998, Schecter and Maestro Alex Gregory teamed up to offer the 7-String Limited Edition Signature model based on the patented specifications and neck profile of Gregory┬┤s original 1989 model. This signature model will be individually numbered, and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity (list $2,595) (source: Tom Wheeler, American Guitars).
By the mid-1980s, Schecter was offering designs based on early Fender-style guitars in models such as the Mercury, Saturn, Hendrix, and Dream Machine. In the late 1980s Schecter also had the U.S. built Californian series as well as the Japan-made Schecter East models. In the late 1990s, Schecter introduced the Diamond Series that are models based on Schecter's designs but they are produced overseas. In 2006, Schecter discontinued standard production of American-made guitars and went to an entirely custom-based process. Although, all American made guitars are shown as not being produced anymore, just about anything can be ordered from the Custom Shop. In order to get a Custom Shop model, contact a Schecter dealer. For more information, visit Schecter's website or contact them directly.

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