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Instruments currently built in Ontario, CA, Japan, and India. Jackson USA and Jackson Custom Shop series guitars are built in Ontario, CA. Jackson Professional Series guitars are built in Japan. Previously distributed in the U.S. by International Music Corporation of Fort Worth, TX. Currently distributed by Fender Musical Instrument Corporation of Scottsdale, AZ.
The Charvel/Jackson Guitar company was founded in 1978 after Grover Jackson bought out Wayne Charvel's Guitar Repair shop in Azusa, CA. As the bolt-neck custom-built Charvel guitars gained popularity with the up-and- coming West Coast rock musicians, it became a necessity that standardized models were established. By 1983, neck- through designs were introduced with the Jackson logo on the headstock. Jackson/Charvel was first licensed (in 1985) and later acquired (in 1986) by the International Music Company (IMC) of Fort Worth, TX.
In about 1992, upper end Charvels began to be incorporated into the Jackson line (essentially becoming the Jackson Professional Series). American-built models have "Made in U.S.A." logo on the headstock; the Japanese-built Professional series models do not.
In 2002, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) purchased the rights to the Jackson/Charvel trademark. Jackson is now part of Fender's increasing empire. Until 2006, Jackson had a Custom Shop where guitars could be entirely custom ordered. By 2007, FMIC designated Jackson to produce the standard production models and made Charvel their Custom Shop trademark.

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