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Instruments currently produced in Fullerton, CA since 1980. Distributed by BBE Sound of Huntington Beach, CA.
In the late 1970s, the controlling interest at (pre-Ernie Ball) Music Man was making offers to purchase Leo Fender's CLF guitar production facility. Fender and George Fullerton turned down repeated offers, and Music Man began cutting production orders. The controversy settled as CLF Research stopped manufacturing instruments for Music Man in late 1979. In April of 1980, Fender and Fullerton started a new company, G&L Music Products (G&L for George & Leo), to continue producing Leo Fender's ongoing design ideas and models. As Fender once again handled R&D in his office/workshop, George Fullerton maintained production management and Dale Hyatt, Leo Fender's partner and Vice President of G&L Music Sales was in charge of administrative management and sales.
Between 1980 and 1991, Leo Fender continued to refine his vision of his Fender guitar. Where other people saw individual models, Fender saw an ongoing project that kept refining his ideas about the electric guitar. Clarence L. Fender passed away on March 21st 1991. As researcher/collector Paul Bechtoldt has noted, "during the eleven years that Fender owned G&L, less than 27,000 guitars were produced. That is less than most companies make in half a year! With monthly production totals less than 800, Leo was making more guitars at his old company in the 1950s than at G&L!"
The G&L company was purchased on December 5, 1991, by John McLaren of BBE Sound, and continues to produce high quality solid body guitars and basses based on Leo Fender's designs. Leo's wife, Phyllis, remains as Honorary Chairman of G&L, and George Fullerton remained as a permanent consultant up until the time of his passing on July 4th 2009. In 1998, G&L opened their Custom Creations Department, a custom shop area for the company. In 2003, G & L introduced their Tribute Series of guitars, which are imported from Korea and/or China and are affordable versions of their standard designs (refer to the section Tribute Series by G&L). In 2010, G&L introduced their "Rustic" Series of guitars and basses that have aged finishes and hardware to purposely make them look vintage.
Some G&L instruments produced prior to 1992 have commanded exorbitant prices and should be evaluated on an individual basis as to what the current market will bear. Sources: Paul Bechtoldt, G&L: Leo's Legacy and H.L. Garrett, researcher/historian.

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